We believe in the power of nature, so we decided to make it ever present.

Pájara Pinta brings to you the jungle’s primal and joyful energy, which will inspire you to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. They're a Colombian brand that ethically produces handmade bags and accessories. Their pieces are inspired in our country’s wildlife.

Pájara Pinta is pronounced “pahara peenta.” The expression comes from a famous Spanish song, and the two words describe a colorful (female) bird.

Pájara Pinta was born in 2014. It was created by designers Isabella Domínguez and María Paula Vargas while they were still at design school, where they met.

Being aware of the importance nature had in their lives—and how much it called them to be true to themselves—they decided to create a brand that exalted nature’s power and reminded them where they belonged—to a country full of treasures hidden in unexplored wilderness.

“We want our products to offer a way to reconnect with the beauty of nature—and to encourage an attitude of valuing and preserving it,” say the brand’s creators.

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