We present our section "The world of BlanqSand" Where we collect the favorite #blanq styles of the infuelcers. We tell you a little about them so that you know them, you can follow them and continue to be aware of the best styles of the moment.

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"Twins, sisters, best friends & soul mates passionate about fashion, beauty, travel and style but most important about a healthy lifestyle. We are Amelia and Elisa, real women celebrating and sharing our story and what we love in a very unique and special way. Hope you like it!"

Our Favorite Blanq Style:



"Anne Marie graduated NYU with a major in Media, Culture and Communications, as well as a Minor in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. During her time at NYU, she held many internships. She has worked for prestigious companies in their PR Department, Special Events Department, Sales Department and Social Media Departments. "

My Favorite Blanq Style:


My Favorite Blanq Style:

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