our philosophy

At BlanqSand we not only think about your comfort and style, we also have a series of principles which are directly committed to the world in which we live:

we seek sustainable brands.

We know the importance of preserving the traditions and work of artisans, we are also aware of the care of the environment, which is why our brands are #MadeWithEthics.


Most of our brands are created by hand by artisans from different parts of the world.

With this we support the creation of jobs in the different communities where the factories are located, creating wonderful stories in each piece and obtaining unique results.

All the handmade pieces, in spite of being of the same model, are special and different.


We believe that respect for the traditions and manufacturing processes of each of the communities in the different countries to which our brands belong is what makes the products quality.

The artisan, thanks to his techniques, care and precision, creates products with wonderful results that will reach your hands and you will be able to wear them in a unique way.


BlanqSand is possible thanks to the effort and dedication of each person behind a product, process or action to create our catalog.

The Blanqsand team is eternally grateful to each and every person on the manufacturing teams, which are found all over the world. Together we create this network that survives thanks to you.

When you buy BlanqSand, you are in the process.


The impact generated by the manufacturing materials of different products can leave a mark on our planet, which is why the materials used for the manufacture of our catalog are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and reused.

By using products of natural origin we ensure that we use all those resources that nature gives us, while by using reusable products (PET) we ensure that we have a positive impact on the world without sacrificing anything in return.

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