BLANQ SAND is a way to discover and buy emerging fashion and luxury online. We present a unique selectionof exquisite pieces from International and Latin American designers each of whom we have hand-selected based on their design aesthetic and positive impact.

Based in Panama and Madrid. Blanq is a brand and a platform made in Latam for the world. Since 2012 innovating and collaborating with brands to open up to emerging brands in Latin American markets.

Providing easy and direct access to the world’s best and most unique independent labels, Blanq Sand sidesteps the heavy revolving doors of the traditional fashion industry. A portal to inspirational, creative brands, we disrupt the traditional catwalk-to-highstreet cycle of fast fashion, featuring only designers who follow their hearts ahead of empty trends.

our story:

It all began when Giovanna, a corporate lawyer with a solid background and experience in Business Creation and Management, as well as Corporate and International Business Law, made the decision to devote more time to her passion: the creation of a fashion distribution agency. Her fascination with the world of fashion and international entrepreneurship blossomed from an early age, influenced by exposure to different countries due to her family's residence and her studies.

From her childhood, Giovanna displayed a passionate devotion to art and fashion design, living in countries as diverse as Italy, Chile, Panama, the United States, Spain, China, and the United Kingdom. Her destiny changed when she completed an internship in a luxury factory in Asia that sought to break into the Western world. It was then, nine years ago, while still working as a corporate lawyer, that she discovered her true passion: to help emerging designers and brands grow and establish themselves in the Latin American market.

Over the years, Open Concept Brands (OCBrands) has become a comprehensive fashion ecosystem with a wide range of services:

- Agency and Showroom Services:

- Creation and Management of Emerging Fashion Companies, and more.

Giovanna is the director and founder of the OCB Showroom firm. She currently resides between Panama and Madrid. OCB has gained a place in the market, with mentions in renowned media such as Vogue, A Uno, local magazines, and international digital media. Additionally, she has left her mark on the fashion event scene throughout Latin America. Giovanna is a passionate and visionary leader in the fashion industry, dedicated to promoting the success of emerging designers and brands in the competitive Latin American market.

our team:

Blanq Sand is a technological platform that helps fashionistas find the right item, in the right size and at the right price. We connect consumers around the world with thousands of products from the world's fashion designers and stores, giving them a simpler, more engaging and better shopping experience.

At Blanq Sand we work in small, autonomous and self-managed teams with responsibility from start to finish for a specific project focused on the client. This structure brings together Blanquers from all disciplines that are needed to achieve the team's goals. We reward these teams for the impact they have and value the innovative approaches that autonomy and alignment can bring. We hire great people and we go out of their way.

If you'd like to join us, check out our careers page and apply.

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