Camila Mesar is an ethical and sustainable brand with history. It flourishes from its Colombian identity and the ancestral techniques to reinterpret them and mix them with modern design, rising craftsmanship to its maximum level: Luxury and Master crafts.

One impeccable design, high quality, and daring and unexpected colors highlight traditional femininity creating unique and sub- lime pieces. A fresh, natural woman that takes her outfit to absolute sophistication. A brand with its style, a style that talks by itself and tell a story through traditional craftsmanship. Details and care for every piece give life to magic and unique treasure, created for only one person.

Macramé is an ancient technique learned through-out family tradition in which everything they use is their hands. We knit our path from there we can get to know each other through the pieces that we make, leaving a bit of us in every fabric. Knots, more that entangle the thread, tell stories and allows us to com- municate through sensitivity. Our handmade pieces are atemporal and filled with emotions and our souls.

Med Amor Dormido Mochila Bag Med Amor Dormido Mochila Bag 2
Micro Barú Bucket Micro Barú Bucket 2
Micro Mompox Handbag Micro Mompox Handbag 2
Micro Palomino Handbag Micro Palomino Handbag 2
Mini Amor Dormido Mochila Bag
Mini Puerto Escondido Mini Puerto Escondido 2
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